Its all about soaking up the rays, taking a dip, enjoying the BBQ and cricket at Mawson this week

Australia Day Mawson style

The team at Mawson Station are given the opportunity to swim in the ocean twice a year – once during midwinter celebrations and once on Australia Day. We were graced with perfect weather, the temperature was around 2 degrees with less than 10 knots of wind. This year 13 expeditioners dared to enter the icy cold water. A maximum time limit of 5 minutes in the water is allowed for the summer swim, a feat only endured by a handful of expeditioners.

After the swim we were treated to an amazing BBQ lunch featuring Kezza’s freshly baked lamingtons, pavlova and a fresh garden salad from the hydroponics building. The ‘Mawson Hottest 100 of 2021’ played in the background throughout the day, the playlist comprised of five favourite songs from each expeditioner on station. All of the celebrations took place out the front of the greatest building at Mawson station – the carpenter's workshop known as ‘Rosella’.