Fang Peak hidden behind cloud and the snow surrounding the hut and the Hagglands.

Mawson expeditioners take a field trip to Fang hut and complete search and… Read more

The Aurora Australis breaking through the ice and backing up before trying again — view is from the bow.

Fresh faces arrive at Mawson and some have a very special encounter with… Read more

Smoko on the ice with ‘Angry’ while waiting for the aircraft to arrive. Not sure what Dorothy the Dinosaur is doing sitting on the fuel drums.

A new start for Mawson as planes begin to arrive and expeditioners deal… Read more

The four huts on Bechervaise Island and they inclue a Lab, 2 accommodation and living huts, a storage shed and a toilet.

Mawson field huts are explored. Read more

Angus above Colbeck hut and the two hagglunds at the end of the first day

This week at Mawson we revisit the spectacular and historic Mawson station… Read more

The magnificent spread for casino night which included crayfish and salmon.

Fine dining at Mawson poses an interesting challenge for expeditioners… Read more

Macey Island from the west on the sea ice.

Field huts and a Russian aircraft.The field huts at Macey Island are… Read more

Emergency Response Team 1 in front of the fire Hägglunds.

Spring has sprung as evidenced by seal pups and fluffly penguin chicks. Read more

The sun in mid sky over station buildings

A truly epic traverse is previewed and Mawson celebrates three birthdays… Read more

Plants growing in the hydroponics building, it is nice to see green.

What does it take to feed expeditioners for a year? A lot of storage! Read more

Ice crystals are of a leaf shape in a spiral

Intricate and beautiful ice crystals form on the windows at Mawson… Read more

A view of the ANARESAT dome which is our link back to Australia and storage containers.

Change of seasons and secondary jobs on station. Read more

The Auster emperor penguin colony with large icebergs in the background.

Mawson station is privy to one of the most incredible wildlife colonies on… Read more

Sunrise beyond the Rodriguez well this sky has shades of orange.

Mawson deals with a potential water shortage and pays homage to one of… Read more

A before and after photo of an expeditioner who has shaved off his beard and moustache.

There’s a ‘mid-Mawson crisis’ happening down here, with many a change in… Read more

Work commences on the wooden platform for the new Melon hut.

Out with the Apple, in with the Melon. The Mawson crew work on replacing… Read more

Expeditioners being briefed on patient care during training in the reception area.

Dr Kate conducts a training exercise for the lay surgical assistants on… Read more

Angus sitting hydroponics enjoying the warmth and light.

What we do when we can’t go outside at Mawson, and George Cresswell again… Read more

A Velocette motorcycle parked on the sea ice next to a dogsled and three men in 1960 near Mawson station.

Motorcycles in Antarctica? Current Mawson expeditioners learn about the… Read more

On our way to Proclamation Point travelling by Hägglunds over sea ice.

Part three of the Taylor Glacier trip, the art of brewing masterful ales… Read more

The view from the top of the turbine of Mawson station below me.

Mawson expeditioners continue last week’s stories with a mission to the… Read more

Even is seen weighing each extinguisher to ensure it has the correct amount of extinguishing agent.

Science and maintenance at Mawson. Sounds standard, until you see the pics. Read more

Pete the poet sitting on a chair reciting the poem he produced about each of the expeditioners

Mawson expeditioners celebrate the annual midwinter traditions in style. Read more

Paul standing on the sea ice next to the hagglunds looking off in the distance

We travel west to the Staunton Islands and watch the beautiful sun set… Read more

Peter standing in front of his black forest birthday cake

Mawson celebrates a birthday with cake, table tennis and a movie. Work… Read more

A Hägglunds with a iceberg in the background as the sun rises over the sea ice

Mawson expeditioners visit the fascinating emperor penguins at Auster… Read more

The mess table all decorated with animal theme party tricks

It’s Trev’s birthday at Mawson zoo and the station has gone wild! Despite… Read more

The pioneer is at the top of the slope and onto the plateau for the long slow trip

Work on the plateau and social life on station. Read more

A display case with items used to care for dogs on station

A story about the great Mawson huskies and just how we survive in… Read more

Angus climbing up a steep slope to the top of Mt Parsons

Field work and emergency response training. Read more

In the dim light of dawn the Australian and New Zealand flags are at half mast

Anzac Day and a sporting approach to conflict resolution Read more

The automatic weather station in drifting snow on the plateau

A field trip to fix an automatic weather station and an alternate view on… Read more

Robbie an expeditioner finds an empty milk jug in the fridge and he is not happy

A mint slice culprit is on the loose at Mawson station, auroras appear… Read more

The melt bell after being safely removed from 7 meters down in a ice cavern

A major water problem on station is fixed with the aid of teamwork and the… Read more

The incinerator building where Warren lives down by the shore

Repairs to Warren, the incinerator, and a field trip reveals impressive… Read more

Expeditioners dressed in hawaiian shirts gather for a theme party

A Hawaiian themed birthday, and more about Mawson station (with pics). Read more

A lot of work is required to clean hydroponics

Hydroponics is reborn and weddell seals are proved to be more than just… Read more

A red bivy bag on the rocks will keep you alive in bad weather

The highs and lows of camping out in Antarctica plus a very brief insight… Read more

Rob Cullen pictured with an emperor penguin at casey satation in 2010

The station diesel mechanic and Mawson doctor chime in, plus a barbecue is… Read more

The winter team at the Mawson Sign

Mawson station’s winter team settles in for the long haul, medical… Read more

A picture of Mawson station taken from the water

A brief description of resupply including the creative transport to shore… Read more

The Aurora Australis at Mawson station at sunset

Mawson is undergoing resupply & apologise for the lack of news Read more

Small painted model soldiers sitting on a table with white cloth

Space Wolves in Antarctica? Expeditioner Jens paints model game pieces… Read more

The search and rescue team

Search and rescue training at Beche Island and airplanes at Mawson station… Read more

Plumbers cleaning the water tanks

Expeditioners at Mawson cleaned the water tanks and did some mechanical… Read more

A pciture of Welch Island

At Mawson station this week, they count Adélie penguins and witness one of… Read more

Firefighters enter building in training exercise

Fire is no joke at Mawson and it takes frequent training to prepare should… Read more