Space Wolves in Antarctica? Expeditioner Jens paints model game pieces from Warhammer 40k in this week’s news from Mawson station.

An Antarctic hobby

Almost everyone that has come down south this year has a hobby, whether it is knitting, leather work sketching or finding something on station to tinker with. For me that is painting — not on canvas but models, little men, that form a large board game called Warhammer 40K, a game of strategy and cunning.

I haven’t played in many years but felt that I would need something to do whilst south, and as it was my first time in Antarctica I didn’t know what recreational things were on station that would interest me.

The army that I painted is called Space Wolves which is one in about 40 odd choices. The attached photos show a small collection of the paint work and the squadrons that I have managed to complete in the last 11 months that we have been on station.

Most models are about 40 mm tall, with some up to 120 mm tall. Each small figure can take six to eight hours to paint depending on the detail and how much effort you want to put into it. The larger models took around 20–30 hours of painting.