Seven quads on the snow beside Rumdoodle hut with the rocks of the North Masson Range behind

This week at Mawson we went on survival training, took time to take in the… Read more

Mawson summer expeditioners enjoying a Saturday evening dinner

This week at Mawson we celebrate with new friends and old, visit the… Read more

Expeditioners on the sea ice at Davis SLA preparing to board the Xueying bound for Mawson

This week the last of the summer crowd arrives and Béche hut is prepared… Read more

We say goodbye to some of the crew and welcome new faces to Mawson. There… Read more

A small iceberg with weak sunlight backlighting it

A look back at the highlights of the past season before the new one begins. Read more

A baby seal lying on the sea ice

This week at Mawson, three expeditioners get energetic walking from… Read more

Two Adélie penguins standing next to a small pile of rocks

This week we prepare the unprepared ski landing area, welcome the Adélie’s… Read more

A large wave of ice at the bottom of a mountain with two expeditioners walking

A walk up Mt Elliott reveals some breathtaking scenery, while a trip to… Read more

A fridge full of beer bottles

This week at Mawson we celebrate Oktoberfest, get ready for Adélie… Read more

A group of penguins with an adult and chick in the foreground

The emperor penguin chicks get bigger, the most amazing aurora australis… Read more

A yellow Hägglunds sinking into the sea ice

This week at Mawson training and teamwork paid off and the sparkies show… Read more

a recipe written on a stainless steel bench

This week at Mawson we get hands-on in the bakery and its stocktake time… Read more

A man looking through a binocular like instrument

This week we spend a day in the shoes of our communication tech, Tony. Read more

A large exhaust pipe on top of a building

This week we have had clear skies and no wind, meaning some great aurora… Read more

A long cucumber shaped building with 2x hagglunds parked beside it

This week we celebrate spring with beautiful weather meaning a trip to… Read more

a hut made of multicoloured yellow and pink panels with a green roof

This week at Mawson we celebrate a win with the darts team triumphant in… Read more

a sunrise near some mountains

This week we celebrate National Science Week, enjoy a 48 hour film and… Read more

A man dressed as a jedi

This week at Mawson we played Pokémon Go and renovated the medical suite… Read more

A man on a hilltop and Mawson station behind.

This week we had ideal weather for a search and rescue and walks on Welch… Read more

Heavy equipment moving snow

This week at Mawson we have reached the South Pole, discovered some new… Read more

a variety of breakfast dishes

This week we maintain a steady pace towards the South Pole, check out the… Read more

A map of Antarctica with lines showing were each team is on the way to the South Pole

This week at Mawson we focused on exercise with the interstation darts… Read more

two hagglunds on the ice with an aurora overhead

This week we take time out for science, checking in with the emperor… Read more

a large full moon and green aurora in the sky

This week we prepare for a Walk to the South Pole with a beer and burger… Read more

A map of Antarctica carved in ice

This week the Antarctic community celebrated midwinter with lots of great… Read more

A ice berg with a sunset reflected off it

This week we find the emperor penguins, have a Bond marathon and ramp up… Read more

A man with a frozen balaclava

This week we prepare for midwinter, had our first night at Beche and… Read more

This week at Mawson Tony D writes about successfully proving the route to… Read more

a red hagglund and 3x quad bikes with equipment bags

This week at Mawson we discovered that txting acronyms were invented by… Read more

A yellow Hägglunds with a orange caravan attached to the back and a Mountain range in the distance

This week Mawson held a morning tea to raise awareness of MS, and share… Read more

a round orange hut mounted on skids

This week at Mawson we got a big dump of snow and experienced the joys of… Read more

A bowl of dried slices of meat covered in spices

This week at Mawson we celebrate the cold weather by making ice angels… Read more

The Australian flag hung in the middle of the New Zealand flag and the Australian Aboriginal flag

This week we commemorated ANZAC Day and installed the major piece of our… Read more

A group of men and women in fancy dress

This week there was a murder to solve, Jenga towers came crashing down and… Read more

Man on a quad bike holding up a small plastic bag

This week at Mawson we celebrated the shortening days by enjoying the… Read more

A horseshoe shaped harbour full of sea ice and covered in snow

This week we trained for sea ice rescue and spent evenings, and most… Read more

a series of mountain in the distance surrounded by snow

This week at Mawson we reflect on a helicopter flight over the mountains… Read more

a steel triangle shaped support structure in snow

This week Josh Tomasetti, a search and rescue team leader, writes about a… Read more

A large room lined with aluminium insulation with a black metal stand in corner

This week the hydroponics hut was officially opened and planted out with… Read more

Two orcas swimming approx 20 metres off shore in front of an island covered in ice and snow

At Mawson this week we had a awe inspiring evening with a pod of orcas and… Read more

A group of 75 people standing next to two Hägglunds

Mawson is light on news this week as they are busy with extra… Read more

Two expeditioners in red goose down jackets looking up a steep rock face

Field training conducted on the plateua and ch…ch…changes as Mawson… Read more

A signpost with approx 20 different signs pointing all over the world

A new crew arrive at Mawson and the journey is captured through fresh eyes. Read more

penguin in an odd place on station on the old helicopter pad.

Mawson station receives the winter crew, while an outgoing expeditioner… Read more

Expeditioners seated around the cake waiting to be served but their is no birthday girl to cut the cake.

One expeditioner receives a very special birthday surprise and the station… Read more

Evan cleaning out the oil fueled boilers.

The summer plumbing team reports on major works and Station Leader John… Read more

Changes in the sea ice are becoming obvious with cracks and leads opening up.

Plumber Jimmy’s birthday warrants a trip to the Massons and we meet the… Read more

A black and white image of James and Sam opening with an acoustic set.

A new band takes over at Mawson, as we introduce ‘Black Ice'. Christmas… Read more