This week Mawson held a morning tea to raise awareness of MS, and share some pictures of the caravanning trip to the South Masson Range.

Caravanning in the South Masson Range

Further to last week’s story on Antarctic caravanning, we would like to share some photos from a great trip to the South Massom Range.

Kiss MS goodbye

On Monday we held a morning tea to support the fundraising efforts of our social club and raise awareness of multiple sclerosis (MS). 23 000 Australians have been diagnosed with MS, with most being between the ages of 20–40 and predominantly female.

Gav the chef cooked all sorts of red delights for morning tea, including cupcakes and salami pizza. There were also healthy choices with tomato juice and red apples, and lots of red snakes and jaffas.

Janelle and Cal decorated with red balloons and tablecloths, so it was a very red Monday smoko to “kiss MS goodbye”.