Expeditioners standing beside quad bikes in the snow

Learning how to do the science Read more

Ancient wall of ice scoured by winds.  Expeditioner sits in the middle of shot far away in the distance

Just sit back and enjoy the view Read more

Three expeditioners smiling to camera near the summit of the mountain.  Glacier and snow below

Hiking to the top of Mount Henderson Read more

5 expeditioners stand and sit on some rocks in amongst the snow.  Snowy hills in the background

Field trip allows some penguin watching Read more

A jade iceberg in the middle of a snowy landscape, half covered in snow

Expeditioners take part in some 'pientific' research Read more

A kitchen bench displaying the brewing ingredients.

Learning the tricks of the trade Read more

Emperor penguin walks very close to camera with others in the background

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Frozen ice to the horizon, lit by the sun

Sit back and enjoy a gallery of some of the amazing sights of Antarctica Read more

Expeditioners on the ice pulling sledges behind them attached with rope around their waists

Testing our equipment for future journeys Read more

Snow covered rocky landscape

The team heads out in the field Read more

Four expeditioners work on some scaffolding wearing hard hats and hi vis gear

Some necessary repairs and maintenance Read more

Four expeditioners inside a small hut sitting eating.  Bunk style beds in background.

Plucky Mawson expeditioners won't be beaten by the weather! Read more

Two expeditioners in cold weather gear face camera with frozen lake in background

Day trips with kings and banquets Read more

Two blue Hagglunds in the snow with two expeditioners in front

Was this mission impossible?? Read more

Rescuers surround the 'injured' expeditioner trapped between rocks

Mawson completes a Search and Rescue mission Read more

The Mawson Station kitchen with two men in aprons preparing pancakes

Mawson doctor provides some insights Read more

An expeditioner repairing an automated camera

Expeditioners doing science Read more

Taylor Glacier and penguin rookery

A visit with the neighbours Read more

A group of expeditioners standing in the workshop

A recap of the year so far at Mawson Read more

Three plumbers stand in the dining room with a view of the rest of the station in the background.

The A-Team plumbers share their daily routine Read more

Portrait of a mountain in the distance with an interesting cloud over it

Interesting weather around Mount Henderson Read more

Landscape of ice cliffs and sea ice along the coast

Observations of the coloured light in this corner of the world Read more

Sea ice formation of ice pushed together like the roof of a house

Getting out on the sea ice to do some hut maintenance and check on the… Read more

Group photo of expeditioners wearing formal clothes

A poetic tribute to the Mawson 2020 team Read more

Mawson swimming baths

This week at Mawson - it was all about Midwinter Read more

sunset at Mawson station

Love letters from Mawson station Read more

Mawson under southern lights

The perspective of a returnee to Mawson Read more

Photo of a list of workout activities

Keeping fit at Mawson station Read more

Sunrise over a peak

Field hut inspections after some wild weather Read more

Man holding a long stick getting ready to hit a pinata

Cinco de Mayo, blizzards, push ups, and rec field trips Read more

Two expeditioners with ice on their clothes and gear

Extreme weather poetry Read more

Béchervaise Island hut

Field trip to Béchervaise Island Read more

Landscape of ice and a mountain range in the distance

A visit to the mountains Read more

Making of a flagpole

ANZAC Day at Mawson Read more

Ice formations at patterned lake

Field trips around Mawson Read more

Three expeditioners using a fire hose at training

Life at Mawson, through Dieso eyes Read more

medical equipment in theatre

Mawson’s Lay Surgical Team Read more

Training team of expeditioners on the rocks

Preparing for winter: getting on top of field travel and survival training Read more

changing colour

The changing seasons at Mawson Read more


The contrasts at Mawson Read more

Landscape view of sea ice, ocean, snow covered rocks, and clouds in the sky

The first week for Mawson 2020 expeditioners Read more

Choppy waves of the Southern Ocean

New season arrivals at Mawson Read more

Looking back from the ship at a long trail of broken sea ice

Annual resupply continues at steam Read more

Three expeditioners unloading cargo from a shipping container

The annual resupply operation has commenced at Mawson Station. Read more

Plating up the Mawson end of season dinner 2019–20 with Chef Kim De Laive.

The Mawson end-of-season function and winterer medallion presentation. Read more

a man with his hand made sail boat

Australia Day at Mawson. Read more

Tall snow covered Mt Parsons

So, what’s the best Antarctic Field Hut? Read more

Southern giant petrel landing on the ice

The skuas at Béchervaise Island. Read more

Two men sitting next to a Christmas tree

Christmas and New Year recap from Mawson. Read more

AAD Field Training Bivvy Bag set-up.

Summer field training at Mawson. Read more