Was this mission impossible??

Mission: emperors and sunshine

With the first week of spring brings sun and fresh promise of increasing vitamin D levels. With the excitement ensuing, a brave group of expeditioners decided to make the trek out to Auster Rookery to battle the Emperor and his constituents. It was a steady build up to our target with some jaw dropping scenery along the way. As beautiful as the scenery was, our mission to shoot (with a camera) penguins was more than a mere slot in the back of our collective minds.

Images map out our mission:

1. Our collective minds at work.

2. No sign of the Emperor here.

3. The target is trying to cut us off.

4. The battle field is set up with our 600mm canon. One man down already.

5. As we were outnumbered and out flanked, Major General Matt Williams (station leader) decided to make a hasty retreat. One 'casualty' carried back to Army Personnel Carrier Hagg.

6. Casualty rushed back to station under care of the military doctor.

7. Back at Mawson station for debriefing and cocktails.

Mission Report by Sgt Aaron Searl