Mawson completes a Search and Rescue mission

Practice makes perfect: rescue and medical drills

Last weekend saw our station complete a Search and Rescue (SAR) practice drill, responding to a pair of heroes who found themselves lost and confused in the Antarctic wilderness having become injured in a light fall. The “Heroes” I speak of were Darron and myself, Darron being the injured party. The scenario involved a complete rescue, as well as misdirection to the search and rescue parties due to my scripted confusion about our whereabouts.

The main takeaway lessons I took from this exercise were:

  1. Two person bothys are tight, very tight. So tight that I had the injured party laying on my lap for over two hours.
  2. The more fun you have giving your workmates cryptic clues about your whereabouts, the more you time you have to sit in a tiny bothy staring into your workmate’s eyes.
  3. In high winds with an injured partner a bothy bag is near on impossible to get correctly setup.

All in all we had a very successful exercise and I was happy to get back to station for a hot meal.

Adam Schiefelbein