Interesting weather around Mount Henderson

The Hendo Wave

This week I'm simply sharing images of an interesting weather event we watched as we were traversing the plateau above station. After an amazing few days in the field, on a stunning weather day, we noticed a thin band of cloud hovering above Mount Henderson. It was only small, but interesting enough for us to stop the vehicle and start taking photos. As we were watching, an incredile sequence of events unfolded, where it seemed as if a wave of dark cloud slowly enveloped the mountain. Most interestingly, the weather didn't get any closer - it was as if it was an event just intended for that particular mountain, of all the mountains around, and at that particular time. The photos here show a little of what it was like as it progressed. As you look, feel free to imagine some excited squeals and lots of ooohs and aaaahs from the team as we watched :)

Matt Williams, Station Leader