Field hut inspections after some wild weather

Field Hut Inspections

Field hut aftermath

We have seen some incredibly wild weather this month at Mawson station. The most intense wind gusts we experienced were up to 110kts (203km/h).

Once the winds had settled, Matt our fearless Station Leader rounded up four of the bravest and most handsome exhibitioners he had to go on a quest to inspect any damage to our off station field huts. As the sea ice had blown out during these winds, and Matt doesn’t believe we are good swimmers we were to inspect the three field huts we have sitting up behind station on the ice plateau.

This noble crew consisted of FTO (Field Training Officer) Mark, who some say is the child of MacGyver and Russell Coight; Carpenter Brett, whose Antarctic wisdom compares him to a Southern version of Yoda from Star wars; Sparkie Adam, who makes great cocktails and brought four suits to Antarctica; and Plumber Todd, who has been often referred to as the greatest Plumber Mawson has ever seen.

The team inspected both Fang Hut and Henderson Hut to find no damage. The fearless men then made their journey to Rumdoodle Hut, which had been destroyed in similar weather a couple of years prior.

The A-team were happy to report the hut was in great condition with only minor wind movement of the hut. They spent the night in the hut reminiscing about the day’s hardship and achievements.

They returned home the following day to a hero’s welcome.

Todd Heery – Mawson Plumber (greatest of all time)