Cinco de Mayo, blizzards, push ups, and rec field trips

An eventful couple of weeks at Mawson

Hello chums, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks for your Antarctic correspondent.

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated in style, though it did morph into somewhat of a homage to the “day of the dead”.

Blizzards continue sporadically, making dining oft-times challenging.

Behind the scenes, “Awesome Mawson” have been pumping out push-ups in a quest to do their bit to raise mental health awareness via the Push-up Challenge fundraising campaign.

A brief period of fine weather saw a flurry of activity as several groups took it in turns to head out into the field over the weekend to enjoy some much needed R & R.

The blizzards have returned for now. Darkness has set in. Soon it will be midwinter. A time to slow down and savour the actuality of being here.

Big D