A recap of the year so far at Mawson

Community Life at Mawson

We heard from our delusional poo bender (plumber) Wayno in last week’s Icy News. Let the truth be known “Team Dieso” rules the roost in this neck of the woods, or should I say ice. I’m sure Seb and the lads at Casey, Cam and the lads at Davis and Sealy at Macca will be nodding their heads in agreement reading this.

Banter aside (just for a moment) the best part of being a tradie here in Antarctica, and as Wayno stated last week, is being exposed to different jobs or situations that we normally take for granted, like jumping in the car to buy a part for a machine etc. If we haven’t got it, we make it. If it doesn’t work we make it work. Even for this old dog (only 21) we are constantly learning and making things work because we have to. With all the trades teams here at Mawson, the handsome devils (dieso’s), the wire twisters (sparkies), hobbyologist (carpenters), poo benders (plumbers), planties n panties (plant operators), metal smashers (boilermakers), as well as the non-trades, the town mayor (Station Leader), the quack (Doc), the pot burner (Cheffie), the comms dude, the well paid bushwalker (Field Training Officer) and balloon inflators (BoM weather observers), we all bounce off each other for ideas, a helping hand, tooling, a hug, a laugh etc. we are a well-oiled machine here at Mawson.

Apart from our “jobs” as the expeditioners – we are the town postie, the camera man, the journalist, the barber, the brewer, the market gardener/green grocer (hydroponics), the “Slushy” (kitchen hand, sadie the cleaning lady, assistant cheffie), firies, rescuers, nurses, barman/woman and of course our own garbo’s and recyclers.

Amongst us are some very talented people. There are many weekend hobbyologists amongst us here at Mawson, the wood workers, the metal workers, photographers, knitters, artist (not the verbal kind), musicians, vocalist (just ask the Dieso’s).

We are also teachers, personal trainers, novice boxers, yoga gurus, climbers, hikers, boot camp leaders - all encouraging health and fitness.

We had our push up challenge earlier this year with our AAD community team consisting of Mawson, Casey, Davis, Macca and Kingston with a total of 68 legends competed, where we completed a total of 119,778 push-ups, raised $8,273 for Headspace with our Community finishing in the top 20 of all OZ.

AAD Bragging rights winners –

Overall total push-ups - Awesome Mawson

Overall total push-ups per person - Davis Doubreys

Best looking team - Awesome Mawson

Worst Looking Team - Macca Machines (Except for Finn and Alana-Jayne J)

Most $ Raised by team - Awesome Mawson

Most $ Raised by Individual – Top three

  • Frank $655 Awesome Mawson
  • Guy $544.60 Awesome Mawson
  • Peter $500 Davis Doubreys

Shane “The Mann” Awesome Mawson V Troy “Got Nothing” Macca Machines

  • “The Mann” $264 - 3046 Push-ups
  • “Got Nothing” $260 - 3006 Push-ups

Most team Members - Head Office Homies combined 36 legends

Most active - Lauren “Young Wisey” Head Office Homies signed up for 3 x teams

Quiet Achievers - Can Do Casey

We are our own social club organising formal and informal “nights out”, workshop BBQ’s, Easter weekend (including looking out for Easter Bunny's assistant, the Easter penguin), Anzac Day, Midwinters, and of course birthdays and milestones.

We are our own entertainment with our up and coming music stars. We are cinema operators with new and not so new movies, documentaries, and TV series on just about every night.

We have our footy tipping competitions for both codes with plenty of banter amongst the masses, with prizes given away each week. Main prize is shared between 1st and 2nd with a dinner for two in Rockets Restaurant whilst being served by the last place getter. Going on current scores, young Brilly looks like being the waiter for both. FYI - to protect the environment of Antarctica, feral animals of any kind are prohibited particularly Collingwood supporters.

Our Dad joke of the week – A book just fell on my head. I only have my shelf to blame.

Go Blues

Shane Mann