Annual resupply continues at steam

Mawson Resupply 2020 — Week 2

This week the annual Mawson station resupply is nearing completion.

Since arriving on Sunday 9 February, the resupply vessel Aurora Australis has steadily completed a range of objectives to support the coming winter’s operations:

- 373 tonnes of incoming cargo discharged,

- 183 tonnes of Return To Australia (RTA) cargo backloaded, and

- 19 new winter personnel delivered to station.

The remaining operational days have included undertaking station refuelling to the tune of 800,000 litres and local boating operations in support of important seabird science.

However, it wouldn’t be a traditional resupply operation without some curve balls to deal with! To that end, the seemingly endless Mawson winds have halted progress at times. Nonetheless, the resupply team patiently has made the most of the available weather windows with the operation set to conclude by the end of the week.

The completion of the resupply operation will also mark the handover of the station from outgoing 72nd ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition) team to the new 73rd ANARE team.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the members of the 72nd ANARE team on a safe, productive and enjoyable season — enjoy your return home! Further, we wish the members of the 73rd ANARE a great season in this truly amazing place. Finally, I’d like to thank everyone that has played a role during the annual resupply – the collective team effort has ensured a safe, highly efficient and successful operation.

- Kyle (Station Leader)