Mawson 2013 Winter crew

The changing dynamics of station life. Goodbyes and hellos at Mawson. Read more

Film poster stuck to a rock surrounding by penguins

Possibly the last look at the Auster emperor Penguin colony for the year. Read more

Fearn Hill wind Scour

Reflections on moving to another station and an update on a summer program… Read more

Hägglunds driving on plateau

A caning in the Framnes and an unexpected night in the field at Mawson… Read more

Expeditioners playing opposite each other in the tabletop football final

The last week at Mawson for our rambling reporter Lloyd Read more

Plastic rat placed on top of a silver case with a sticker readingHobart

This week we give you a peek at a radical rodent, the Mawson kitchen… Read more

Mawson green store

This week Chris takes us shopping, Luc highlights a lesser known Belgian… Read more

On the Mawson plateau checking the cane lines bedded into the ice

Mawson plateau gets a caning and we showcase some imaginative birthday… Read more

Communications satellite building

Making up this week’s news: a trip out west to the Colbeck Archipelago and… Read more

Two people standing inside the hut holding darts

This week we take you for a run down to Stibbs Bay and the Stanton Islands… Read more


Trips to Auster and the site of the Russian aircraft wreck along with news… Read more

The aurora makes a bright green arc in the night sky over the station.

Awesome Mawson auras of auroras and a visit to Auster, something to get… Read more

Diamond dust on the horizon over the ice.

A day out in Nature’s magnificent freezer and the Ascent of Rumdoodle fill… Read more

Report cover: Report on Retrieval of Historic Norwegian Sledge and Cache from the Robinson Islands, Mawson Coast, August 2007” by Dr Gary Dowse, Station Leader, Mawson 2007

A 53 year old mystery is finally solved at Mawson, a look at water and a… Read more

Emperor penguins in a group, ice in the background

Big Bird Facts about the fabulous emperor penguin and the wonderful view… Read more

Sea ice drill lying in the back of the Hagg

In this week’s bumper edition we look at measuring sea ice, the Wall Part… Read more

Photo of a man’s face form the nose down with a white and grey-haired beard.

Beards are all the go here on the continent so we have a look at a few, we… Read more

Room with a bain marie and long table for eating at.

This week at Mawson we show what is inside the big “Red Shed” take another… Read more

Trent pouring herbs into a pot.

Another wander around station with the Doc, harsh reality for some… Read more

Site for climbing wall

A creature from the deep, multitasking, a trip to the powerhouse and The… Read more

Ice floor Colbeck hut

Blizzed in at Colbeck, a station that Rocks and Mid winter brunch in… Read more

Dinner at field hut — Jeremy and Peter C tucking into freshly baked Fray bentos pies.

This week we take you on a trip to the South Masson Ranges and for a look… Read more

Mawson field store as seen from a distance, surrounded by snow

This week we visit a plain looking building to reveal the myseries within… Read more

Medical training — a man lies in a hospital bed pretending to be a patient waiting for surgery

Medical training, dental work and a few odd bits along with a tour of the… Read more

Forbes glacier

This week we day trip to Low Tongue, go under the knife, look at stunning… Read more

Welch Is viewed from Mawson, with the wind turbine in the foreground

A walk to Welch Island, a drive to Colbeck Archipelago and staying… Read more

Lloyd in surgery room leaning over a book

A visit to our medical facility, the goss on our ‘emperical’ visitors and… Read more

Mating emperor penguins

First impressions as the emperors march, a look at history, exploring the… Read more

Mawson sunrise

Shorter days, something brewing, the wandering Doc and J’s nine fill the… Read more

Weddell seal with pup

This week we bring you some interesting facts about Weddell seals, a radio… Read more

ANZAC Day poster

An ANZAC Day ceremony, more snow and the monthly weather. See what our… Read more

Keldyn Francis on Mt henderson

Climbing in the Framnes Mountains, out on the sea ice, a quiz night with a… Read more

Keldyn with a bow and arrow

A friendly game of darts, an intro into Hydroponics, the tails left by… Read more

Snow build up near living quarters

Insight into early arrivals, additional duties and the doc takes a wander… Read more

Aurora Australis leaves Hobart

The journey or the destination? That is the question. We take our last… Read more

Mawson fire exercise showing a fire truck and expeditioners if firefighting uniforms during the training

Awesome birthday cakes, fire and emergency rescue training and… Read more

Iceberg at Mawson

Find why it’s a dream to be a photographer in Antarctica, learn about the… Read more

Two expeditioners installing large industrial kitchen equipment

A full week with new equipment installed in the kitchen, some boating, a… Read more

Adelies on Kellas Island

In this week that was, the Doc watches, wanders, and wonders, the tradies… Read more

Craig with Orcas

Orcas off West Arm, field training and the joy of being a first-time… Read more

Mt erebus

Cliff tells us about his incredible journey to Mawson by way of just about… Read more

Aurora Australis breaking in to Horseshoe Harbour

A busy week with resupply completed. The Aurora headed back to Hobart and… Read more

Two expeditioners standing beside a cement mixer and wheel barrow

For the first time since April 2012 Horseshoe Harbour is free of sea ice… Read more

An expeditioner alongside a lamb on a spit

Australia Day was celebrated with a lamb on the spit and movie clips on… Read more

The chef in his kitchen preparing the dinner

The end of summer dinner celebrated in a heritage listed building, Friday… Read more

The name plate Biscoe Hut above the door

This week from Mawson station we feature Mawson’s Heritage Listed Building… Read more

Three expeditioners pulling sleds of gear on the sea ice across to an island

This week we report on the work being undertaken on Bechervaise Island as… Read more

Twenty one people standing and sitting on the snow down wind of the red living quarters

Carols by candlelight on Christmas Eve, a lovely dinner in the Mawson… Read more