The last week at Mawson for our rambling reporter Lloyd

Lloyd’s last week at Mawson

I was supposed to leave Mawson a week ago, but due to the Aurora Australis being slowed down by heavy pack-ice, I am still here and I now find myself on the roster to write an article for Icy News.

So here are a few brief lines and a couple of photos of what has happened here recently.

A Games Day was held on our public holiday last week. The competition was fierce in carpet bowls, darts, pool and tabletop football. Below is a photo of the finalists in the tabletop football match.

Regular counts of Adelie Penguins arriving on Bechervaise Island, just 2 kms from Mawson Station, have seen figures rise from 180 to 1800 in a week.

The sea-ice in West Bay has proven to be an ideal ice-landing strip for the first visit of a Twin Otter flight from Davis this week. Well done lads in setting out this landing strip.

And it was a welcome sight to see the little red and white plane fly overhead as it came in for a landing… our first contact with the outside world in nine months.

On Saturday night, a party and movie night was held in the old Shackleton building.

That’s it for Icy News from me — forever!