Seven expeditioners stadning on the verandah of the Rosella Building at the barbecue

At Mawson we celebrate the arrival of ten new expeditioners, Hendo cooks… Read more

A photo from station across Horseshoe Harbour with a Twin Otter and several vehicles on the sea ice

Our first contact for eight months comes with the arrival of a Twin Otter… Read more

A display of craft work surrounded by 6 expeditioners

A selection of hobby craft work and special projects made during the year… Read more

An expeditioner on a rocky platform with the tooth like summit of Fang Peak and another summit behind him

A jolly to Fang and Rum Doodle field huts, a climbing experience on Mt… Read more

The dinner table set up with individual places and the view through the windows showing sea-ice and icebergs

We celebrate the end of winter and the impending departure of Bron and… Read more

The Auster emperor penguin colony on sea ice surrounded by gigantic icebergs with the ice plateau in the background and a green Hägglunds all terrain vehicle in the foreground

At Auster, the emperor penguin chicks are growing fast as the intense… Read more

Hurley’s photo of Mawson and his men at Cape Bruce on 18th February 1931, copied from page 234 of "B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition 1929–31, Reports-Series A, Volume 1, Geographical Report", based on the "Mawson Papers" by A Grenfell Price, Adelaide (1963).

This week, Mawson expeditioners follow in the footsteps of the station’s… Read more

Row of beer bottles with labels showing

Oktoberfest, one penguin, one unicycle and a sunflower cake make for an… Read more

Green curtains of light fill the sky whilst the red Sleeping and Medical Quarters and a wind turbine can be seen below

Spring has arrived at Mawson with sightings of snow petrels, a skua and… Read more

Expeditioners putting on helmets and protective gear prior to riding the quad bikes

Mawson expeditioners take a trip to care for Adélie penguin nest cameras… Read more

Pete standing on frozen freshwater lake

Mawson expeditioners visit Chapman Ridge and photograph life at Auster… Read more

An iceberg which has scarped across the moraine and toppled over exposing a surface with rocks and dirt

Adventures in the Colbeck Archipelago and surrounding areas, some history… Read more

Two oval shaped huts with a person on the ground between them

Over the last six months, the expeditoners of Mawson have enjoyed many… Read more

Removing the engine from the red Hägglunds

At Mawson, the “Red Rocket” faces an operation and we have pics of the… Read more

Filet mignon, chips, carrots and greens in a bain marie

Birthdays celebrated in sugary style and an update on what is happening at… Read more

Five glasses of wine arranged for tasting with a menu lying in front of them on a dinner table

Mid-point dinner with wine tasting and Mawson’s wind turbines get a greasy… Read more

Vicki, Officer in Charge of the Mawson Met Office

At Mawson, the Meteorological Team explains weather balloons and laments… Read more

A small orange field hut with 2 expeditioners on the verandah and a Yellow H agglunds behind the hut and the summit of Mt Henderson looming above

Pete’s July report explaining jollies and the changeover at Auster with… Read more

The silver Absolute Hut on the right and yellow Variometer Hut on the left with the ice sheet behind

A truly fascinating story about magnetic observations and Pete captures… Read more

Oversnow vehicle with snow covering the roof and sides

A second visit to the emperor penguins at the Auster colony and not your… Read more

The Hägglunds and people are on the sea ice with the Antarctic plateau to the left (south) with the summits of the Framnes Mountains rising above the plateau

Come with Mawson expeditioners to witness one of the most spectacular and… Read more

An expeditioner holding a Queensland WorkCover poster signed safety ambassador Mal meninga

A State of Origin rugby report and an amazing sea-ice trip to the Taylor… Read more

An expeditioner checking the small pieces of ginger in a bowl in the kitchen

Mawson invites you to the Antarctic Food Festival. We also have Pete’s… Read more

An expeditioner in winter clothes holding a shovel with the outside hot tub full of snow in the evening dark

Mawson’s midwinter celebrations are this week’s focus with stories on the… Read more

An expeditioner opening the sampler door to inspect the filter

Mawson’s ARPANSA Radionuclide Station nearing completion, anemometer cups… Read more

Flywheel housing and in the centre the rear main seal

We do some major service on one engine in the main power house and… Read more

A quad bike prepared for sea-ice travel with a koala named Bear Grylls on the bike and an expedioner standing beside the vehicle

Bear Grylls’s adventure to Bechervaise Island, a partial eclipse of the… Read more

A disc which rotates through the effluent and air

Pete’s May Report includes a detailed explanation of waste treatment at… Read more

Aurora with Haggulunds vehicle in foreground

Mawson showcases spectacular auroras (including time lapse video), hut… Read more

View of Mawson station with sea ice in the foreground.

Did you know that Mawson has two mascots? Some consider them to be the… Read more

Silver hydroponics hut in foreground with sun rise in background

Hydroponics, blizz lines and a jolly to Hendo. Read more

Crane Setup on Pigstying next to the new Arpansa Building which is made up of 4 20 foot containers

The Pete Report — Issue #2 in which Pete explains ‘blizz’ and gives us an… Read more

Featureless Ice Plateau with mountain range in distance

Mawson highways and ANZAC Day celebrations. Read more

A plate of toasted bacon and cheese sandwiches

First jolly of the season and the Mawson green diamond. Read more

Our chef showing off the hot cross buns she made.

Last of the field training and the Easter Bunny Read more

The green field hut stabilised and levelled with refitted guy wires and props.

Station leader changeover, field hut maintenance and a machine with… Read more

Weddell Seals and , Adelie Penguins on the ice edge in East bay from Petes Window

An expeditioner’s summary of the first month on station plus a description… Read more

Old table being removed

Physician’s update and survival training. Read more

Paul excited to be in a Hagg again

Resupply aftermath,impromptu disaster planning, a new sparky team and some… Read more

The ‘AA’ in harbour

An epic resupply at Mawson. Read more

No update at Mawson this week as they are busy with resupply. Check back… Read more

The souvenir menu for the eight course meal

A webcam review of the year, an end of season dinner and a bit more about… Read more

Red and white Basler modified DC-3 parked on its skis

A new arrival’s first week at Mawson, a homeward-bound reminiscence and… Read more

Killer whales in East Bay — one breaching and one fin visible

No ice means water brings whales around station, some plant poetry, the… Read more

Expeditioner Lloyd standing on the ice plateau with Mt. Henderson in the background

Field trips a-plenty for recreation, a flight brings an overnight visitor… Read more

All the models arranged on the workshop floor

Aviation fun, an amazing birthday cake, aquatic finds and the Adélie… Read more

View of new location selected for the ARPANSA building

The weekly update from Beche, a new beer garden, ARPANSA footings: MK-II… Read more

Looking north from Mt Elliot towards Fang/Parsons and the Mawson coast

Another exhilarating field trip, a cruel blizzard at Beche, the birthday… Read more

Expeditioner pulling a ‘pulk’ — a type of sled

Fire alarms, fire drills, a flurry of field trips, fluffy penguin chicks… Read more