The perspective of a returnee to Mawson

A returnee perspective

So I’ve returned to Mawson after a year, you could say I’m a little nuts and I’d agree.

The fresh faced expeditioners that replaced my old team are now the crusty seasoned ones ready to go home and hand over to us, the fresh faced ones. Strange.

Sailing through Kista Straight having the Frammes Range dominating the skyline dwarfing the station stirs the team into nervous excitement, for a new adventure was about to begin. For me however I felt I was returning to the old holiday house, reacquainting myself with the dank smell and great views.

Yes the place did feel familiar, like the static man-made things like buildings. There’s reminders for where you are like the clear night skies and the plummeting temperatures but everything else has changed, evolved you could say. The forever changing views and fickle weather reminds me how dynamic this place is.

Being here with a different crew sets a different tone and pace to station life. Witnessing my new found friends react to their first Aurora siting or penguin encounter like that of a child opening their first Christmas present is entertaining and humbling. Listening to new life stories at the bar can be entertaining and incredible interesting.

We are approaching mid-winter and the swim beckons, everyone’s super excited to cut a couple of laps…..even me, you’d think I’d know better.

Michael Brill