This week at Mawson we celebrate a win with the darts team triumphant in the inter-station darts competition.

These old buildings

There are many old buildings dotted around Mawson Station, they provide a glimpse into how the original expeditioners lived and worked.

Isolated behind the station is the magnetic absolute hut, this hut was originally on Heard Island and was moved to Mawson in 1955. This hut is the only example of its kind still in use. It is a picturesque building located away from the main station where there is minimal magnetic disturbances to the instruments.

Biscoe Hut is one of the prettiest buildings in the old station, the patina of old paint suits the style of the building. Biscoe was originally used by the Norwegian, British and Swedish expedition in 1950 — 1952 and was made by the Norsk Polar Institute. The Antarctic Division subsequently purchased the building and it was one of the original buildings at Mawson Station in 1954.

The aircraft hanger is located on the waterfront, it is a prefabricated building like most from the early 1950’s. Until the 1970’s the hanger was the largest building on the Australian bases. Used for storage now, there is mention in the station logs of the hanger being used to shelter sick huskies.

In the older post tensioned box building, some of the original rooms remain unchanged. The bedrooms consist of a bunk bed with a desk underneath and a curtain doorway. There is a shared shower and sink. The living quarters were very close and there was minimal privacy.

Walking through the old buildings is a humbling experience, our newer offices and living quarters are reflective of the advancements that the Antarctic Division have made in building design over the last 60 years.

Inter-station darts champions

Last Friday we played the final of the inter-station darts competition against Casey station.

After a very close and tense three games, Mawson station won the crown of darts champions for 2016.

Well done to Craig the darts team captain and the team, Tony H, Tony D, Josh, Sam, Hilly and Shane.

Thanks to Gav for providing the high calorie cheese platters that gave the team the required energy boost!