Mawson deals with a potential water shortage and pays homage to one of TV’s finest superheroes.

Water everywhere, but nearly nothing to drink!

Well those of you who read the station news regularly may remember back in April an article I wrote regarding our water supply and the problems we had with pipework freezing up after we repaired a leak. We managed to overcome that problem with some clever thinking, a bit of patience, and a week of very cold work.

Well, today we nearly had a repeat. Each week as part of our work myself and our other plumber Charlie measure the level in our water supply, correctly known as a ‘Rodriguez Well'. This is a well in the ice, created by pumping heated water through a bell shaped vessel which causes the ice below the surface to melt out which is where our water comes from. Normally measuring day is Wednesday, weather permitting. Due to some concern about a large amount of air in the circulating pipes we decided to head up to the water supply building and investigate, and also measure the well a day early. Fortunately we did. The level had fallen from 3.1 m deep last week to 2.1 m this week.

Immediately we realised that something seriously bad was occurring. It didn’t take long to find the problem. A repair that had been made a couple of seasons ago had given way and was leaking at a steady trickle. Fortunately it was in a location that made it easy to detect. I've seen photos of the situation the guys faced when they made the repair and considering it was a meter deep in snow they did a great job, but it is no surprise it has eventually failed.

Unlike last time we already had a flexible hose made up that we could bridge the faulty section with, left over from the previous episode. A quick chat about how we could overcome the situation and where everything was saw a radio call go out to a few helpers, our plan put into action, and within two hours we had the job done, if only temporarily. We can all continue having showers!

Our next job will be to rummage around station in an attempt to locate sufficient quantities of the correct diameter pipe and fittings to do a full repair. That will be a challenge in itself.

Cheesy Tuesday remembers

We here at ‘Cheesy Tuesday’ have been tirelessly educating the Mawson expeditioners for the last six months in the fine art of superhero-ness, with weekly exhibitions of Batman. This is the original classic TV series from the mid 60’s starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. Together they are the Dynamic Duo.

“Holy cheesy brilliance, Batman!” you might say, and you would be correct. Each week we see the Caped Crusaders do battle with a vast range of super villainous villains. Each week they get captured, doomed to a horrific, yet exceptionally creative death, then through some superhero shenanigans, they escape, foil the villain’s nefarious schemes, have them arrested, then incarcerated, only to have them paroled a few episode latter due to the warden’s ground-breaking, yet seriously flawed, rehabilitation ideas. Pure cheesy greatness if there ever was. This has to be the best TV show ever made!

In the first two seasons this was the standard formula. But in the third season, the introduction of a new superhero really spiced things up. Enter Batgirl! “Holy super heroine, Batman!” I hear you say and you’d be right. Batgirl is a feisty, yet mysterious crime fighter who frequently saves the Dynamic Duo from their latest, inevitable, certain death catastrophe, only to disappear as the villain is apprehended. Known for dispatching thugs with high snap kicks and getting around Gotham City on a sporty little Bat-scooter, Batgirl is a role model for all aspiring super heroines!

Sadly the actress who played the delightful Batgirl, Yvonne Craig, passed earlier this month. “Holy tragic passing, Batman!” was the cry from the saddened Cheesy Tuesday faithful. To commemorate the light that Batgirl shone over us at Cheesy Tuesday, we dedicate this week’s station news to you Batgirl. Thank you! You are forever in our hearts!

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