Mawson station’s winter team settles in for the long haul, medical training is conducted on rock melons and no casualties recorded as expeditioners have a go at making Sunday dinner.

Views of Mawson

We've all been busy unpacking the resupply of Mawson but there’s always time at the end of the day to go for wander around station. These are a few of my favourite moments so far from my evening constitutionals.

Medical training

In preparation for survival and field travel training, station doctor Kate provided training for expeditioners on the use of injections under field conditions. The chef was able to provide rock melons to be a human analogue. The melons had passed their use by date in that they had a large degree of mould and were due for disposal. 

Sunday dinner

Students of the ‘Helicopter Resources-Air Ground Support Officer International Academy of Culinary Excellence’ were dragged kicking and screaming into the kitchen to prepare Sunday dinner. By some divine intervention, a meal was produced, apparently without the loss of too many body parts — at least the correct cutting board was used — or alarm panels lighting up. Most winterers were listed as ‘stable’ by the next day. A job well done!