A brief description of resupply including the creative transport to shore of a massive bulldozer.

Voyage three resupply

At last the welcome sight of the Aurora Australis steaming into Kista Straight was seen from the station. The weather for the arrival was in bright sunshine with light winds. The Aurora Australis had not been able to get into Mawson last year so with both Kista Straight and Horseshoe Harbour free of ice, the ship entered the harbour and commenced mooring.

The Aurora Australis brought with it 13 new expeditioners, cargo and most importantly fuel for the station. After mooring, cargo operations commenced and have continued with only minor delays due to high winds.

After fuel for the station one of the most important items of cargo to be offloaded was a D-6 dozer. The safe delivery of the heavy weight dozer was a credit to the ships’ crew, watercraft operators and the station based cargo crew.

We wish well all the Mawson expeditioners heading home to family and friends a safe voyage by crew of the Aurora Australis.