Spring has sprung as evidenced by seal pups and fluffly penguin chicks. The emergency response teams train hard, rescue easy.

Emergency response teams

Here at Mawson, we have two emergency response teams (ERTs):

  • ERT 1 — (The A team)
  • ERT 2 — (Team Xstream)

With plenty of banter, who is the best?

At this stage in the season we have had no losses to fire, so both teams are on top. Ready for action when needed.

But l say when you ring for an ERT team, the first team in the phone book is ERT 1.


New life

The first Weddell seal pups have been born at Paterson Island. The gorgeous little pups were a happy surprise for us as we returned to station from a weekend trip to Auster colony. On the way out to Macey hut we stopped at the island and found several heavily pregnant seals sun baking in the wind free, warm day. By the time we returned two days later, there were two adorable big eyed pups clamouring for their mums. Over the next few weeks the numbers look set to increase — it’s a Mawson baby boom!

We all had a cracking weekend, and were spoiled with warm days, sunshine, no wind and a plethora of wild life. The emperor penguin chicks are growing fatter and fluffier, making for great watching as they crèche together. The adults were swimming in nearby tide cracks, looking like they were having a competition for just how many penguins can fit in one swimming hole. Spring has definitely started at Mawson.