Mawson field huts are explored.

The Mawson field huts

At Mawson we are fortunate to have a number of field huts, both along the coast to the east and west of the station, and up on the plateau. These huts provide comfortable bases for scientific work and also provide shelter for expeditioners on recreational trips.

Huts on islands

Bechervaise: Three kilometres from station, the fibreglass shelters provide very comfortable accommodation for penguin biologists working on the island over the summer months. Also used during the winter by expeditioners wanting to get away for a short break, without the hassle of travelling far.

Colbeck: Situated 100 kilometres to the west of Mawson, Colbeck is only accessible during winter and spring when the sea ice is stable. The hut is in close proximity to the Taylor Glacier emperor penguin colony and the site of Mawson’s landing at Cape Bruce in 1931.

Macey: 50 kilometres along the sea ice to the east of Mawson station lies Macey hut. Being only ten kilometres from the Auster emperor penguin colony, it is an ideal base for expeditioners visiting the colony. It is heavily used during the winter months.

Ledingham Depot: The most remote of the field huts, Ledingham is situated amongst the Stillwell Hills at the eastern edge of Kemp Land, 160 km west of Mawson. Travel to the hut usually takes two days, with an overnight stop at Colbeck, and as a result is infrequently visited.

Huts on the plateau

Henderson: This hut boasts “the best view in Antarctica”, however, to get such an amazing view it had to be sited in a very exposed position, which means it is often very windy! The hut is 15 km from Mawson. It has a reputation for being a cold hut in winter, but on a sunny summer afternoon the deck out the front is a great place to sit and admire the views.

Fang: Positioned in the heart of the David Range at the foot of Fang Peak, Fang hut is located 30 km from station. Similar to the other huts on the plateau, Fang has an impressive view from a large window. Mt Elliott dominates the foreground, while the peaks of the South Masson Range are in the distance.

Rumdoodle: At the foot of some very impressive crags you will find Rumdoodle hut, 20 kilometres inland from Mawson. Melt lakes, scree slopes, snow petrels, soaring cliffs, wind scours and peaks with interesting names (Painted Peak, Shark’s Fin), Rumdoodle has it all.