Some are outstanding in the field

The rest of us

The last few weeks have been busy for the six expeditioners on their traverse to Kloa, but that has left nine of us still remaining here at Mawson. Keeping the water flowing, the power house purring and the lights on.

It has been a great time for those of us endeavouring to make use of Donna's kitchen whilst she is away. And boy, oh boy have we ever! From Kade’s Sunday chippies, cheese and gravy to Fitzy's magic coconut biscuits. From Bec's scones and kale chips to Kat's green juice and kale salad. Currently, our doctor David is making approximately 300 dumplings and Alana made a three course lunch, which was incredible.

I must say it has been a treat being the water god, every morning walking up the hill and pumping the water from the melt lake. It has certainly been quiet around here.

Right about now the Kloa team will be experiencing the last 24 hours of their traverse. Great work by the six people that made it to Kloa. Even greater work by those nine people who kept the station going and managed to complete some well overdue tasks. We will be rapt to see team Kloa return and hear all the stories they have to tell.

Kade, station chippy (both carpenter and officionado of the deep fryer!)

Footnote from Bec (SL): The Kloa team have now made it back to station. All operational objectives achieved and all of our hardy expeditioners happy and healthy. We should have a great story for you with lots of photos of the trip for next week's station update. It seems so busy around station now, with 15 people - basically an urban metropolis! Everyone is happy that we're all back together; now time for the rest of the team to get off station for a bit.