Learning new skills building two igloos

Mawson tradie adventures

We are gearing up for a busy summer season at Mawson station and it’s time for another tradie update by Antarctica’s favourite (only?) purple-haired sparky chick.

All those listeners following along at home will be relieved to hear that both the treadmill and wind turbines continue to operate exceptionally well (thanks to some excellent service technicians).

This is Mawson and we make good things happen. To hone our building skills, we commenced an industrious period of igloo construction projects. We had, for a brief period of time, two fantastical Palaces of Ice. Unfortunately, material delays and weather constraints meant the igloos melted before plumbing/electrical services could be hooked up!

What else have we been up to lately?

  • Cosray vault entry, 15m deep confined space entry to check out a broken pump
  • Emergency powerhouse shut down
  • Hydroponics annual inspection, gotta keep the kale happy
  • Site services annual inspection, station wide treasure hunt to find all of the heat trace thermostats
  • Annual fire gear checks & surprise fire drill
  • Scaffolding adventures to replace the station's highest sprinkler head and light repair
  • Wind turbine maintenance (clean old grease, add new grease!)
  • Generator & mobile plant servicing
  • Counting penguins
  • Repairs to bar projector, critical for football/cricket viewing. Big job with the Comms tech leading, assisted by Sparky and Dieso
  • Repairs to kitchen fan (new bearing)
  • Electrical installation works complete transmitter hut
  • Servicing and function testing quad bikes

Catch ya next year!

Cheers, Kat