This week at Mawson some of the summer crew were put through their paces and Horseshoe Harbour hosted an inaugural golf tournament

A gallant round of golf

The inaugural ‘Mawson Links Invitational’ had been excitedly discussed and planned over the previous evenings, and finally the day had arrived. Following a light lunch our players changed into their finest golfing attire, acquired the station clubs from the green store, and swung by the diesos workshop for an ice drill. ‘Putt-putt party’ then radioed in to advise they were entering the sea ice recreation area and made their way out onto the course.

Conditions on Horseshoe Harbour were superb for a Sunday afternoon on the ice, with only gentle southerlies and clearing skies lifting players’ spirits. The four-hole course was drilled and prepared to rigorous standards required by the East Antarctic Golf Tournaments Association, however the players felt the fairways were a little fast on the first practice shots with balls skidding on the ice in all directions and into rough terrain. We will be passing this feedback onto grounds keep management to follow up…

Winchester Thornbury (Luke) was off to a jolly fine start, mastering the skillful building of a small snow mound from which to tee off. Donatello (Leon) was quick to pursue however, securing an early lead by the second hole. Jeeves McSeal (Bren), cheered on by his partner Ally McSeal, found his form on the mid–course, with a sneaky chip shot moving him up the ranks.

On the final hole of the course, Montgomery Lincoln (Alex) was quite the rascal and opted for a 1 Wood, knocking an impressive drive all the way across the course and back onto the beach. A solid return got his ball back on the aprons to join the other players for a showdown to the flag. The final scoring for the afternoon was an unexpected deadlock, with the four players two under par (a snow petrel in Antarctic golf scoring) and all becoming joint tournament winners.

With the Invitational drawing to a close, our players retired to the member’s lounge (red shed) for a fine meal, refreshing beverages, and some hearty celebrations of their successful tournament.

Brendan (IT Officer)

Navigating blind

This week members of the summer crew (Marty, Hayden, Pete, Bren, Andrew and Luke) were put through their paces with training trips to the plateau covering Hägglunds travel, navigation, climbing and search and rescue.

The ability to drive and navigate a Hägglunds ‘blind', purely on instruments without visual reference to the outside, is essential in the event of low visibility conditions.

Practicing search and rescue techniques blindfolded develops skills in locating missing crew in blizzards.

Overnight stays in Fang and Henderson Huts gave the opportunity to check out some spectacular local features and sample some field delicacies including Fray Bentos pies.