This week we continue to showcase our beautiful environment at Mawson, kick off the ‘Bet you didn’t know’ interview series, and show how some expeditioners built up an appetite for our first station BBQ!

An amazing environment to live in

This season is my third with the Bureau of Meteorology at one of Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic stations, with the first at Macquarie Island and the second at Casey. So far, Mawson has proven to be another spectacular place.

Here are a few photos that showcase this amazing environment we live in.



A walk around Onley Hill

Field training this week gave Pete, Mark, Brian and Heidi the opportunity to stretch their legs on a walk around the Onley Hill circuit at Mt Henderson.

The three and half hour walk on scree and ice provided spectacular views, and gave the team a great perspective on the extent of sea ice formation developing off the coast of Mawson.

The islands and icebergs are slowly and steadily being iced in for the winter.

'Bet you didn’t know…' about Alex

Q1 Where were you born?

Townsville Queensland.

Q2 Why were you called Alexander?

Not sure.

Q3 What’s your middle name and why?

Robert, my Dad’s name.

Q4 If you had to choose between country and western and folk which would you choose and why?

I think folk because they sing about things other than cows and tractors.

Q5 The first concert you attended?

I saw Art V Science in Cairns at age 19.

Q6 If you were a brand what would your motto be?

“Don’t hesitate”

Q7 What do you do on holidays?

Relax over a few beers.

Q8 What would you like to ask ‘God'?

“What cheese do you prefer?”

Q9 If you were another animal what would it be and why?

A falcon because of its tremendous flying ability.

Q10 If you had a dinner party and invited three guests who would you invite?

Stephen Hawking, Morgan Freeman and Armin van Buuren.

The new BBQ gets fired up!

On Saturday night we fired up the brand new station barbecue, hosted in the tradies workshop. Eddie was our barbecue chef for the night, with lots of help from the team to share the delicious food around.

A great way to end another busy week at Mawson…