The Mawson team climbed mountains to restore essential radio transmissions, and were captivated by auroral night skies this week.

Mountain top radio repairs

This week several teams of Mawson expeditioners climbed to the top of Mt Parsons to undertake important repairs to a radio transmitter. Earlier in the week, two teams climbed the peak to find the damaged radio repeater which had fallen down the side of the mountain and was attached by a few remaining cables.

The final repair team made up of Alex, Benny, Doug and Mark withstood −25°C temperatures to return to the peak with equipment to fix the transmitter and the wind generator, and to secure all transmitter components back into place.

This terrific effort by all teams ensures that Mawson has radio transmission from Mt Parsons for the upcoming winter.

Twisting auroral rays and bands

Electron charged light emissions have been travelling along magnetic field lines to create spectacular auroras in the night skies above Mawson this week.

When solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field interact, our nights light up with auroral displays, sometimes falling in rays or curtains, sometimes spiralling and twisting in bands.

The pictures speak for themselves as our keen photographers captured the green and violet hued auroras on Mawson station and at Fang Hut this week.