This week we observe miniature ice sculptures around station and we are once again entertained by chick antics at Auster rookery.

Ice (Part Two!)

The ice sheet of the plateau, sea ice and icebergs are immense and always noticeable, but there is ice about that goes mostly unnoticed, and that is the ice we find in the micro world.

These miniature ice structures take on some of the most bizarre, intricate and stunning forms as they grow, changing shape and colour with the different light and temperature on windows and panes of glass around station.

Here is a sample of some of the less observed ice structures.



The chicks like snow cones!

I recently returned to Auster emperor penguin colony and it’s always a pleasure and a privilege to see these amazing birds in their natural environment, doing their thing.

Once again the weather was playing nice and it makes all the difference when observing and photographing the emperors as the light really shows off their amazing features, personality and their current home for this breeding season.

The colony is in full swing with parents coming and going on fishing trips. The chicks are créching, playing with each other and learning new life skills off their parents. I discovered when it gets a little warm, the adults and chicks like nothing better than to have a fresh snow cone to help cool them down.

We are very lucky to see the chicks growing up (fast and healthy) and hopefully I will get to see them once more as they start to fledge, get to say goodbye before the sea ice starts to break up and venture off into the great Southern Ocean to begin their new lives.

Until next time,