We are delighted that Spring has sprung at Mawson — growing chicks and growing snow!

Growing chicks

This week another lucky group of Mawson expeditioners were charmed by the growing number of emperor penguin chicks at Auster rookery.

Some chicks are starting to bravely venture away from their parents — only for a second or two — then they quickly dive back onto the warmth and safety of their parent’s feet again.

Spring has brought blue skies and sunshine back to Mawson, making the Jade berg near the Auster rookery dazzle in the morning sunlight.

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Blizz tails

What’s a blizz tail you ask? Well put simply it is a deposit of snow usually formed downwind of a large object. For example a building or machinery.

They form when large objects cause a rapid deceleration of wind (low pressure area) behind them — this sudden loss of velocity causes the snow particles to fall and deposit in a tail like pattern.

In some cases, these tails can stretch for nearly 100 metres and can be 5 metres tall.

As cool as this sounds they can be a royal pain in the tail.

Having spent hours of clearing roads ways they can be back in full glory the very next day, it’s also an issue when you run out of room to put the snow (who would have thought that would be a problem down here).

Utilising a Cat D6R Dozer, Cat 329 Excavator, and a Cat IT62 as well as the best operators in the business, we keep the M1 traffic flowing freely at Mawson — nearly all year round.

Anyway, I’m off to fill some pot holes


It is an offence to get bogged and need to be pulled out. Minimum penalty: one carton.