The natural environment has delighted us at Mawson this week with emperor penguin chicks and amazing night skies…

Chick of the week

We have delighted in visiting the Auster rookery to watch an increasing number of chicks balancing on the feet of their parents. The male penguin will keep the chick on his feet until the female returns from across the sea ice. The pair find each other by calling out until they recognise each other’s voice, and then the male will pass the chick over onto the feet of the female.

The parents are ensuring their chicks survive on sea ice by protecting them under a special fold of abdominal skin and balancing them on their insulated feet until the chicks are old enough to regulate their own body temperature.

A chick left alone on the ice at this time has a survival time of only around two minutes…

When the adult penguins venture away from the huddle to take their chicks on a walk, we have our cameras ready!

Night skies of green

With recent clear, calm nights, we were showered with the immense spectacle of green and violet aurora lights filling our night skies. 

Bet you didn’t know…

This week we get to know Brian, the station mechanical supervisor, keen photographer and social media blogger on station. 

Where were you born? Subiaco Perth W.A.

Why were you called Brian?

Mum named me after American actor Edmond O’Brien, hence Brian Edmund.

What’s your middle name and why? See answer to Q.2!

If you had to choose between country and western and folk which would you choose and why?

I think folk because I can’t stand Country and Western.

The first concert you attended?

I am not a great concert goer. Hoo Doo Gurus at the Rotto Arms about five years ago.

If you were a brand what would your motto be?

'Don’t sweat the small stuff!'

What do you do on holidays?

I love sailing so a cruise over to Rottnest Island is my idea of a holiday.

What would you like to ask ‘God'? ‘Why is there air?'

If you were another animal what would it be and why?

A pampered dog.

If you had a dinner party and invited three guests who would you invite?

Tom Crean, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott.