This week we share our magical midwinter day at Mawson… we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Magical midwinter at Mawson

Mawson station celebrated a magical midwinter’s day to mark the shortest day and longest night of the year. Midwinter’s day is an important turning point in our 70th ANARE season so we put on the biggest party of our year.

This is a celebration that occurs across the Antarctic continent and this week we have enjoyed receiving midwinter greetings and messages from all of the different Antarctic research stations across the continent.

Our day started with a gourmet brunch of pastries and champagne, followed by a round of sea ice golf on Horseshoe Harbour. Some of us enjoyed a warming drink inside Alex’s cosy ‘Brain Freeze’ bar.

The kitchen was a hive of activity all day dishing out our pre–dinner canapés and a sumptuous feast for our traditional banquet dinner.

One of the most lovely midwinter traditions is for each expeditioner to make and receive a handmade gift as a midwinter surprise — as you can see by the photos we have many talented craftspeople on the station!

After the gifts were given and desserts were enjoyed, we were entertained by our talented musicians and performers and many of us danced the night away. A magical midwinter’s day and long night to remember.

P.S. We didn’t get to have our midwinter swim on the day… but standby…we hope to complete another midwinter tradition with a dip in those icy waters when the weather conditions improve! We’ll keep you posted.