Resupply for winter and the Green Store is looking nice and full, the keys to the station are handed over to the 70th ANARE station leader and the 69th ANARE are farewelled.

All the food we need for a long winter…

How many fresh eggs does Mawson station need for a long winter? The answer is thousands!

We haven’t started counting yet… but during resupply teams of expeditioners restocked our freezers and cold stores full to the brim with an amazing selection of food. Amongst the mix we have thousands of fresh eggs, 180 kilograms of bacon, 144 kilograms of green peas, dozens of boxes of gourmet sausages, 50 kilograms of Tasmanian salmon and 96 jars of Tasmanian liquid gold honey. One of our Green Store walls is also filled with calorie rich chocolate (for our field trips of course…).

We have lobsters, oysters and quails for special occasions – and for those very special occasions our chef Benny even brought gold leaf to Antarctica!

Station handover and Leon’s birthday celebration

After a hectic week of resupplying and refuelling Mawson, on Saturday night the outgoing 69th ANARE team officially handed over the station to the 70th ANARE winter team.

The summer station leader – Ali, handed the keys to the station to the new station leader Kat, and we all shared an Indian banquet to celebrate Leon’s birthday. To top off the evening we shared Leon’s delicious birthday cake.

Marine debris collection from islands in the Kista Strait

A very successful boating operation took a team out to the islands to the west and east of Béchervaise Island in the Kista Strait to collect marine debris. Two quarter height containers were filled with old fuel drums and timber which had been blown onto the islands over many decades. A great clean up effort from the team of Watercraft Operators and Mawson summer expeditioners.

Wombats and echidnas

This week a rare Australian marsupial found a new home at Mawson station. After a summer of tinkering with scrap metal, Clint created Rex the echidna.

Rex was named by popular vote and found his new home in front of the Wombat RSL — the science building here at Mawson.

Farewell 69th ANARE team

Farewell to the 69th ANARE team — thank you for taking care of Mawson for the past 12 months and for your hard work during resupply. We look forward to seeing some of you again next summer!