This week there has been a visit to Marcy hut, a bread making cookery class and a walk on the sea ice in near perfect conditions.

Bread making class

Bread making class was conducted by our talented chef Donna. There was six very keen and eager students in the class that learnt sourdough, artisan bread, naan bread, white loaf, ciabatta bread, steam buns and pizza dough which was turned into our dinner that night.

The class was very hands on and question where flying around the kitchen, “does this look right?”, “how to knead?”, “how to roll out pizza dough?”. All in all a great afternoon was had by all with many pizzas to eat for the next few days and the bread freezer full.

I believe there is more cookery classes next month, what will Donna be teaching us next?


An afternoon on the sea ice recreational area

Cormac and Nick decided to make the most of near perfect afternoon no wind!

The air temperature was a barmy minus 20°C — an excellent afternoon to be enjoyed walking around outside and taking amazing photos.

With the sun setting around them and a few whispers of cloud in the sky and the forever changing colours made a great afternoon.

Who needs to see penguins when this is all around us?

By Donna Wightman, Mawson chef.

Auster Rookery

Mark: Describe Auster in 10 words.

Linc: Penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins, penguins. 

Mark: Terrible! 

Linc: Why?

Mark: You only used 9 words. 

Linc: Ahhh, penguins!

By Linc Mainsbridge