With resupply complete, the winter team are busy settling in at Mawson station.

Station update

After a couple of days of high winds held up proceedings, we finally got back into resupply mode on Saturday and managed to finish everything that needed to be done, load the final passengers and wave the ship goodbye with the traditional flare salute.

And then there were 15; as it will be for all of winter. Too late to change our minds now!

So we’ve spent a few days setting up our rooms and reuniting with all the ‘homey’ things we packed months ago. Rosters are up, secondary roles have been decided, hydroponics seedlings are sprouting, particular TV viewing nights have been nominated and Chef Donna has got us all perfecting our dishwashing. First aurora has been photographed and the drone has done it’s test flight: bring on survival and field training so we can start to explore further afield in this glorious place.

Adventures and photographs to follow over the year…

Esther, station leader