The winter team are settling in to their new home.

Weekly round-up

With a week of mostly blue skies, everybody has been busy sorting out resupply incoming cargo and familiarising themselves with the station, their workplaces and their work routines. People have quickly discovered the joy of sitting in the Red Shed windows and watching the ever-changing scenery: the sea ice has now broken out in East Bay and we’ve had orcas cruising in to look for food, which always causes much excitement.

Having open water now means we can ‘see’ the wind and get a better idea of weather conditions before venturing outside. I understand that’s what the turbine used to be good for but sadly, it is now no more a part of our view of East Bay…

On a recent calm evening our Field Training Officer Mark led Brett, Cormac and Pat on a guided walk of the Gwamm recreation loop, which goes from station up to the plateau and back again. Once we have all completed our survival and field travel training, this route will be open to us for some regular exercise, expanding our current world. That said, no one is showing any signs of cabin fever yet as the views in every direction are so magnificent.

By Esther, SL