We smash the all-time monthly windrun record and get back to Auster to visit our friends the penguins.

Weekly Round Up

Only 1 blizz day this week but still enough wind blowing for us to break another weather record: on Monday 27 at 1415 local time we broke the long-standing monthly wind-run record from July 1995 of 52,759km making August 2018 the windiest month on record at Mawson EVER, and we still have 4 days of the month to go with another blizzard on the way.

To put that in language I understand, the wind has been around the globe once (circumference of Earth is 40,075km according to wiki) and is now well into it’s second lap in 27 days. Currently our average wind-speed for the month is 80km/hr, so they certainly don’t call it windy Mawson for nothing.

We made the most of the brief break in the weather to get 2 groups over to Auster Rookery to check on our feathered friends and their new offspring. As you can see from the pics, all seems to be thriving in Emperor Penguin land and they survived the blizzards well.

Pictures of penguins are way cuter than pictures of blizzards…