Blizzard is finally over and August wind run record is in the bag

Weekly roundup

Our blizzard finally stopped last Friday which was a huge relief for all and saw everyone eager to get outside to check for damage and snow ingress and start snow clearing. When snow wants to get in, it finds a way!

Nate got busy digging road access into blizz tails that now dwarf the dozer, while Pat and Matt geared up to make repairs to the anemometer which had been giving us faulty wind direction readings since Tuesday.

Turned out the whole anemometer head needed changing over and it’s now reading accurately for us again. This meant it was offline for wind measurements for a few hours, but fear not! We reached the all-time August wind run record of 41,004km on the 19th anyway. Now we're chasing the all-time monthly record (July 1995) of 52,759km.

Our other big excitement for the week was the 48hr Film Festival results: Mawson’s ‘Maverick’s How-to” won Best Actor and Best Editing and was joint runner up for Best Film with Sanae IV! Considering there’s only 5 Awards going, that’s a mighty fine effort: congratulations to Linc and his team! And congrats to Casey who won for Best Cinematography for their film.

Otherwise we're enjoying blue skies, the chance to get outside and plans for visits to Penguins and Bechevaise island. Spring is coming!