It’s not just all disco and jollies here at Mawson

We do work, really!

Mostly we show you all the adventures we have and how beautiful it is here, but we do work as well, really!

As a snapshot of just some of the activity going on this week (complete with photographic evidence):

Electricians Brilly & Cormac are in the middle of the annual inspection in the Operations building, which incorporates having to check all the fire detection systems, electrical systems, emergency and exit lighting.

Carpenter Mal is hard at work fitting the interiors in the new science labs. These containers were assembled and installed over summer and now Mal has winter to get them operational, hopefully so we can welcome some new scientists next summer.

Met Tech Pat is on a 'super slushy’ day so is hard at work keeping up with Chef Donna, who creates many dirty bowls and pots in the course of a day, that all need washing. Some would say this is the hardest day’s work you can do around here…

FTO Mark has been putting us through our quad travel sea ice training. The second group were out on Tuesday and the last group go out on Thursday, so by this weekend we should all be clear to roam a little further from the safety of station, weather permitting.

And the wind has been playing nice this week, but it is certainly getting colder and the sun doesn’t hold any warmth anymore, which is to be expected since we see it for less than 3 hours a day now, and never far above horizon level. This means that sunrise and sunset go for hours and the light gives this beautiful pink tint to all the snow and ice — just gorgeous!