This week at Mawson: 21 December 2018

Seabird surveys and a big Merry Christmas to all

Seabird surveys

Over the last couple of weeks the seabird team (Anna and Marcus) have been busy searching for and counting various seabirds around the Mawson area.

With the help of a few expeditioners, they have counted cape petrels, taken wide-angle photos of Adélie penguin colonies (to count on a windy day), searched for snow petrels hidden amongst rocks, and located skua nests for further monitoring.

The information collected from these different surveys helps us understand how many birds are breeding this year and where they are located. Repeat visits to selected nests will reveal how successful the birds have been at finding food to raise their chicks this season.

This data improves our understanding of the food requirements for the seabird populations in this region, and will contribute to the wealth of information used to manage the marine environment in East Antarctica.

Marcus Salton

A snow petrel in flight
Snow petrel inspects the team
(Photo: Marcus Salton)
A man takes notes overlooking the ice
Marcus focussed on the science
(Photo: Anna Lashko)
A view of the penguins on one of the islands
A view of the penguins on one of the islands
(Photo: Marcus Salton)
3 people sit on an island in front of an ice view
Seabird party enjoy lunch with a spectacular view (L-R Anna, Pat & Marcus)
(Photo: Patrick James)
A Cape Petrel nest on the slopes in the Rookery Islands
Finding Cape Petrel nests on the slopes in the Rookery Islands
(Photo: Marcus Salton)
A woman points to the penguin colony behind her
Anna excited by the perfect penguin vantage point
(Photo: Marcus Salton)

Merry Christmas from Mawson

Stay with the Christmas Tree at Mawson Station
Merry Christmas from all of us here at Mawson!
(Photo: Nate Payne)