Nearly a month on and field training and local recreation have started.

Weekly round up

So it’s almost a month since the Aurora Australis left us here and everyone is settling in nicely and getting to know the place.

This week saw the start of survival and field training, with the first group out for a night at Fang Hut followed by a night sleeping out in a ‘chip packet’ at Rumdoodle. Training includes local area familiarisation (in particular how to recognise potential danger like crevasses) and quad travel training and is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to leave station, hence all winterers will be going through it over the next month or so.

We're also starting to get to know our on-station recreational options. There was another group wander up to Gwamm in perfect weather on the weekend and Mark got the climbing wall in the green store happening for interested people. Early morning yoga has started and the gyms have been rejigged to suit how everyone likes them. So our plans for counteracting Donna’s fabulous cooking are in place: let’s just see if we can stick to them…

By Esther/SL