Mawson goes into resupply mode — the population explodes with ingoing expeditioners and operations support staff.

Mawson resupply 2014

Seven weeks, two voyages and several traverses of the Southern Ocean has seen ‘The Mawsonites’ develop, grow and evolve into a slick outfit.

Together they have endured several setbacks from numerous delayed starts, poor sailing conditions, stubborn sea ice and a return voyage to Hobart which for some meant revisiting and reliving the grief of separation from family and friends. Through all the false starts, the build up and the anticipation they have remained positive and tight knit, and it is a real credit to the group. This tolerance, patience and resilience will serve them well as the embark on a winter where they put into practice ‘The Mawson Energy Conversation Plan’ as a result of a reduced fuel supply.

Resupply operations have now commenced with the entire 2014 wintering team now on station and undergoing their handovers with the (relieved) outgoing team.