Will Santa stop at Mawson this year? Expeditioners have pulled out all the stops, in hopes the jolly fellow will bestow upon them gifts from the North Pole.

Mawson Xmas

With the days rapidly counting down to Christmas it was time to decorate our home for the last nine months. Several people chipped in to erect and trim the Christmas tree (Pinus Plasticus). Lights were added (although it does not get dark anymore) just because they look good. Ornaments and tinsel were thoroughly distributed throughout the living quarters.

On Christmas Day we plan to have a Kris Kringle, where each expeditioner gives a gift to another, so hopefully there will be something under the tree for everyone. It’s not the same as being home but it helps in a small way as does the friendships shared by expeditioners. 

Merry Christmas to all, from Mawson