Mawson enters the 48 hour Winter International Film Festival of Antarctica

It’s still home, it’s Mawson

Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, Carpentry. Some things simply don’t need an introduction. Mawson station’s winning entry in the Winter International Film Festival of Antarctica is certainly no exception.

It’s Still Home It's Mawson, a film by the 74th ANARE highlights the ups and downs of the season through snow kicking, boot-scootin’ song and dance. A film so great that it sparked comments from the Director of the Division; “We’re working on a trophy for the Mawson team featuring a husky riding a quad bike”.

The film took out the infamous 48hr category as well as best sound track, retaining the top spot from last season. This has ensured that bragging rights remain exclusively within the Australian Antarctic stations.

If you want to view a piece of modern cinema magic, head over to the WIFFA website and check it out.