A weekend trip to Fang hut.

More to a pie than 'meats' the eye

As this is my first season, I've been party to a lot of chatter from veteran, repeat offending expeditioners that I should have a ‘Fray Bentos’ while staying in a field hut. It turns out a ‘Fray Bentos’ is a tinned pie, which down in Antarctica come in flavours ‘steak and kidney’ or ‘steak and kidney’. I had my doubts.

Over the weekend we had some good weather so Ryno, Ads, Danny and I decided to make the most of the opportunity and stay in a field hut...and try the all-famous pie.

We went for a trip up to the Davis range and stayed at Fang field hut. During the day we got stuck in, undertook a bit of exploring of this amazing continent, taking in the amazing views. When daylight gave way to the darkness we settled into Fang hut for the night. Following the instruction on the packet to a tee, the all-famous tinned pie was cooked to perfection, with is golden brown puff pastry. I definitely enjoyed eating tin pie, while sitting in the icy Antarctic mountain ranges and watching an Aurora pass overhead, and can say it’s an experience of a lifetime worth having.

Till next time Kolfie, Mawson dieso