It’s all about local weather and training at Mawson.

Weather on station and SAR exercise

The weather at Mawson has varied constantly since the completion of resupply, from sublime to extreme but never boring.

Daylight is also getting noticeably shorter with the sunset moving further north each day, away from the Antarctic plateau and over the sea ice.

Work continues around the station but an important part of our winter transition is organising our emergency response capabilities with fire, search and rescue (SAR) and lay-medical teams.

A full station search was conducted as a SAR exercise with numbered clues deposited around the station for the search teams to find. After lunch our field training officer (FTO) Gemma played the role of casualty and was stretcher carried from the Green Store to the Red Shed medical facilities, followed by an afternoon training session for our lay-medical team, instructed by Dr Kate.