The last week has been about initiating fuel conservation measures and a birthday.

‘Sir Douglas Pawson’ Lends A Paw With Fuel Saving

This week Mawson station has come under fuel conservation measures due to the recent rare event of resupply via helicopter. This led to the station not being able to get its full supply of diesel. This in turn has put a high emphasis on conserving diesel in any way possible. The local legendary K-9, ‘Sir Douglas Pawson’ decided to visit us in the workshop and lend us a paw saving fuel.

It’s not uncommon to see old Sir Douglas Pawson tripping around the station. This week he decided to come down and visit us in the workshop. At the moment fuel conservation is one of our main focuses. This means a lot of our time is spent ensuring the diesel generators are running at their best (burning least amount of fuel). We also spend time checking over the fuel storage tanks, looking for possible leaks, and getting them repaired to ensure no fuel is lost. There are many more fuel conservation measures that the station is implementing to ensure there is a good fuel reserve, in case we need it.

But it is not all work and no play here on station; This week it was station leader Jason’s birthday, so we had a formal candle-lit dinner party. It is events like these that give us a reason to dress up and make this such an awesome home in the South.

Dieso Kolfy