A busy week as we observe ANZAC day, drill the sea ice and celebrate a birthday.

The days close in and the sea ice opens.

Dawn and dusk continue to move closer together here at Mawson. We are only seeing around 7 hours of sunlight each day, becoming noticeably less as we move closer towards winter.

We planned for an ANZAC day dawn service on the sea ice for Sunday at 8:50am, but due to strong winds on the day we were forced to move the service inside, gunfire breakfast and all! Our chef Kerryn baked fresh lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits and as usual served an amazing feast for breakfast. This was followed not long after with some two-up, complete with 'Mawson money'.

On Tuesday we had the first opportunity to have the whole station out on the sea ice and we were blessed with an amazing sunrise to pay tribute to the ANZACs, Mawson style.

This week also marked the opening of sea ice travel within the recreational area here at Mawson. Training was undertaken on the 'rescue alive' platform as we drilled our first 3 holes in the sea ice. Our Field Training Officer Gemma and two strong and handsome carpenters then set out on a breathtaking trip around the perimeter of the sea ice recreation area, drilling and measuring the ice along the way.

Aaron and Timmy