The summer climbing season approaches and we wait for our first plane

Changing of the guard

We all eagerly await the arrival of the first twin otter. The arrival of the aircraft marks the end of our winter season and the beginning of summer. Departing with the aircraft is our Station Leader, Jason who will be missed by all. The transition period between station leaders will see our deputy Station Leader Trev take the reins for a potentially wild ride over the next few days. The ceremonial handing over of the station whip could spell danger for some tradies here on station, but ultimately time will tell.

We held a farewell brunch on Saturday morning for Jason. Our diesos managed to not smoke out the entire workshop this time as they decided to cook outside. It was a complete spread; bacon and egg rolls, snags, fresh salad, cookies, cake, everything you could possibly need on a Saturday morning. We got to laugh and enjoy some photos that were projected up on the big screen for all of us to celebrate the season to date.

Amongst other things happening on station, we continued our Search and Rescue training. This week we set up a rock anchor raise and low system, where the first responder abseiled down a cliff edge to the casualty, soon followed by an attendant supporting a stretcher. The casualty was then secured into the stretcher and hauled back up the cliff to safety.

A big thanks and farewell to Jason from the 74th ANARE.