Spring is here and the wildlife is returning

It is not just family and friends we miss

With the return of the wildlife around Mawson station comes a reminder of something we dearly miss in our year in Antarctica… our pets. Unfortunately we can’t explain to them where we are going, and they must wonder why we aren’t around anymore. They are cared for and spoilt by loved ones (thanks Mum and Dad) awaiting our triumphant return. They are never far from our thoughts as seen on phone screensavers, photos stuck to bedroom walls and even a couple of coffee cups.

With the dogs long gone from station and wildlife distances to be adhered to (trust me, resisting the temptation to pick up an emperor penguin for a pat is a form of torture in itself) we have adopted a station pet, Sir Douglas Pawson. Left by a previous wintering crew, the most relaxed Border Collie I’ve ever met, Sir Doug still seems to get around a fair bit. Often seen off station, in the Main Power House or the workshop, sometimes discovered tucked up in an unsuspecting expeditioner's bed, he also had a starring role in our winning 48hr film festival movie.

To all the pets we left behind, we are more than halfway there now, not long to go till we are reunited Missy.

A shout out to the Davis and Casey crews heading home, safe travels.